Welcome to BudgetBirders.com, our own little corner of the internet world! 

We started this website in 2015 when we were gearing up for a 6-month long independent birding trip. That extended trip has come and gone but the independent birding trips around the world have continued and we’ve been sharing about our travels ever since in hopes that any tips and tricks we learn along the way could be helpful to someone else!

Ashy-faced Owl right above us!

At the end of each trip, we create a “Trip Report” to help educate birders who are thinking about doing an independent trip as well.  Together we plan to use this website as a means to share our travel, research, and adventures with you!

Check out Trip Adventures to see blog posts and photos from our most recent travels and then make sure to check out our Trip Reports for detailed logistics to be used on your own DIY “budget birding” trip.